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Services provided

Initial Inquiry: Free 15 minute telephone consultation to help parents decide if and what services are desired for their child prior to the decision to schedule an appointment.

Evaluation: Comprehensive, initial
This visit includes an in-depth evaluation of a child’s health history [birth, physical, developmental and behavioral] and the health history of the family as a foundation for evaluating the child’s current strengths and areas of concern and for providing care recommendations.

Participation requested:
  • Parents
    • Both biological and step-parents; grandparents, if indicated
    • Questionnaires [completed prior to the visit] –if indicated
    • Complete Child and Family Health History
    • Interview
    • Copies of prior medical and developmental/educational evaluations
  • Child
    • Samples of art and written work
    • Questionnaires, if indicated
    • Examination [physical and neurodevelopmental] and testing
    • Interview

Impressions and recommendations are provided at the end of the evaluation. A comprehensive written report follows by mail to the family and the child’s primary care physician (unless otherwise requested). Follow-up visits are generally recommended.

Referrals: Often suggested to professionals in other disciplines - nutrition, medical specialists, psychologists, speech pathologists or occupational therapists.

Siblings are asked not come to the visit so that parents are able to focus their attention on the particular child being evaluated.

Visit length: 2 – 2 ½ hours [shorter if indicated]; 1-2 appointments

Management - Follow-up care:
These visits focus on:
  • clarification of the initial evaluation and recommendations
  • discussion of new tests and evaluations by other professionals
  • re-evaluation of the child
  • integrated management of the child’s health and developmental needs [therapeutic, biomedical, educational, behavioral] as they change over time and in response to care provided

Parents are asked to bring:

  • copies of new evaluations and tests,
  • school progress reports
  • nutritional plan and supplements being used

Visit length: 60 minutes [once every 2-6 months]


Complete initial written consult evaluation report - parents and child's doctor

Letters - referral source/child's doctor [as indicated]

Telephone contact:

  • Referral source/Child's doctor
  • Other professionals, as indicated

Collaboration with the child’s community resources, as indicated:

Child's personal doctor, medical subspecialists, other healing disciplines:

  • Local public school
  • Special education resources
  • Mental health (psychiatrists/psychologists) - school, private
  • Therapists - OT, PT and speech - school, private
  • Nutritionists
  • Nurses - school, public
  • Social services - school, public, private






Two boys with developmental disorders speaking to each other.
Photograph of a child with autism