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Behavioral Management

Infant or Child Behavior is..
an indicator of his/her overall functioning - the “tip of the iceberg”

Our office believes that the underlying foundation – the “iceberg” - is the focus of understanding and treatment for behavioral concerns.

Viewing a child’s behavior in this way, avoids the behavioral "label" becoming the sole focus of treatment rather than the underlying causes.

Behavioral Therapy helps people to better understand the child and develop new ways of relating to each other.

Biomedical Management
The biomedical care perspective emphasizes the profound inter-relationship of genetic vulnerabilities, environmental stressors/toxins and the body’s metabolic and nutritional functioning as they influence behavior and whole-person functioning.
Our office provides consistent support for the biomedical care perspective in understanding your child throughout evaluation and management.

Developmental Evaluation
  • Guides a family’s, their child’s and their health care providers’ management choices.

  • Develops understanding of the “iceberg” -
    Your child’s cognitive and developmental skill strengths and weaknesses and their unique health and environmental stresses
    How and why your child works the way he/she does

  • Provides empowering management utilizing our Framework of Care -
    Incorporates all components of life-functioning
    Guides the process of evaluation and on-going care
    Helping your child to be the very best he/she can be